“Creativity” …a peak into my studio

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.” Henri Matisse

Creating jewelry is a passion of mine. I love it. My customers, my loves, and my experiences inspire me daily.  I hope you find your happy place…I love  this  quote from Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”  ….And so I am!

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Photos by: Dawn Chapman Whitty

“Tribe…the beginning”

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1.  a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.
“indigenous Indian tribes”
synonyms: ethnic group, people, band, nation

The first time I met my brother in law Jean Noel, he was barefoot and wearing a smooth stone strung on leather around his neck.  His sexy french accent and carefree demeanor were hard to resist and he complimented Wendy perfectly. Her sun kissed hair and face were glowing from months of sailing.  She had brought him to meet our family and they soon announced that not only was Jean Noel to become part of our family they were also soon to welcome a baby.  They were surrounded by the special aura that only true love brings.

I hugged my sister and JN, and contemplated the stone.  It looked like something worn by tribal members. Cool. Gotta get me one of those.Image-1-4They left CT a couple days later in our Grandfathers Buick Jimmy to venture to Guatemala to learn jewelry making from the natives there.  They stopped in Isla Mujeres Mexico, where JN’s mom and dad were living. It was here, they decided to get married. Yay!!! My mother and father and I booked flights ASAP and picked a bouquet of lilies of the valley from my moms garden for her bouquet. Wrapped in wet newspaper, they weathered the trip.

It was a beautiful island, The Island of Women, translated. Palm trees and turquoise water. Sandy beaches and tropical flowers.


The Mignot Family began arriving by ferry to celebrate their brothers new found love and welcome Wendy to the family. 9 out of 10 siblings made the trip from all over the world! Each of them wore a smooth stone strung on leather tied around their neck. Hmmm….Tribe I thought. Now I get it.

Since then. A new tribe has formed. Wendy and JN’s pearl jewelry has become the must have adornment of Floridas Emerald Coast, along rural highway 30A. On Grayton Beach to Alys Beach, in Seaside and Blue Mountain, from Pensacola to Panama City, women, men and kids alike are all wearing pearls and leather. It’s here that all who wear the handmade jewelry are part of The Tribe.

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The Tribe continues to grow, with wendymignot.com shipping around the world daily,   representing  a relaxed style and unmatched elegance only pearls can bring.   Much like the aura that only true love brings.

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She Said Yes!


He popped the question! You said yes! He is good…. He is right….He is the one. Now, you want to look your best, look memorable and stand out from the cookie cutter weddings you’ve been to.


Pearls are a wedding tradition. But what? You’re not traditional? You’re not part of the herd? Of course you’re not. You are memorable, not mundane. You can make your own unique statement with Wendy Mignot Fine Pearl + Leather Jewelry®.


Pearl and Leather Jewelry has become the world renowned aesthetic for boho-chic and gypset style.

Wendy Mignot Bridal has unforgettable pieces for you and everyone in your wedding party.The accessory that will  be as unique as your love , and be that final touch to your look. All eyes are on you that day, not to mention all cameras. Wear the classics, in a new way.


We have a full line of over 400 designs on our website wendymignot.com, And many custom pieces at La Vie Est Belle, Seaside. Or, if you are on 30A,  Call for a private meeting with Wendy for custom wedding orders….ya know she’s crazy for a good love story !


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Photography by: Dawn Chapman Whitty