phonto-5Thank you to everyone who made our One Year Anniversary of wendymignot.com,  online  promotion so much fun and such a success! Jean Noel and I take each sale, share, like, follow, tweet, pin and tag as inspiration.  We are proud to call you all our “Tribe”.

With nearly 2000 orders  processed this year, and countless 5 star reviews, we are so grateful to our friends and collectors for the success of the eBoutique. In only 12 months we have had 500,000 visits to the website!! I am thrilled to think that almost half a million people love pearls as much as I do!

Jean Noel and I have both loved making jewelry our whole lives. When we  bought our first sailboat and decided to live the gypsy/sailing life, we turned our love into a business.   Since then, and after moving to the beautiful Emerald Coast, we have had a shop, La Vie Est Belle,  in Seaside, FL.  Being in a coastal vacation destination our friends  and pearl lovers have been taking home a memory, and joining the #MignotTribe for over 10 years.

Now,  “WendyPearls” are available to everyone! It is the motivation of our collectors that have inspired us to offer our Fine Pearls + Leather Jewelry@ on the world wide web and  “Cover the World in Pearls”. Thus the creation of WendyMignot.com eBoutique.

As artists, Jean Noel and I stay true to our organic roots, true craftsmanship and bohemian lifestyle,  working personally on our one-of-a-kind jewelry. We will always ensure the highest quality of freshwater pearls, tahitian pearls and  south sea pearls. We continue to search the world for rare coins with our friends at Lost Galleon and will always use our one-of-a-kind hand rolled leather.

“Our compass is set and our voyage is chartered to design the most sought after and recognizable brand of Fine Pearls + Leather Jewelry® available. Our dedicated team is passionate about pearls, passionate about people, and passionate about ensuring that our collectors are enchanted with every WendyMignot.com purchase.”

With the guidance of Claire Moss, who heads up our day to day eCommerce operations, we offer the finest website of its kind, with over 250 designs and customer service available 24/7 at your fingertips.

It looks like my dream of covering the world in pearls is working!

La Vie Est Belle!