When you spend a quarter of a century in love with the same person you can easily be mistaken for an expert on the subject. So it is that I am often asked “How do I know if it’s real?”. My answer is always the same, “If it’s scaring the shit out of you, it’s probably real.”
I fell in love totally by accident. I hadn’t meant to and in fact at the time I was consciously trying not to, but then it was too late. I was hit with a single moment of absolute clarity when I realized  I was madly in love. I could no longer even imagine taking a breath in a world without this love in it and when I saw the predicament I was in…….. I was absolutely terrified.
 Love, that sneaky renegade, has no mercy.  It’s a cunning criminal that will readily commandeer whatever weapon of love you have between your legs and put it to work quite deftly as a weapon against your heart. The ironic power of these weapons is that the threat of never using them again is what holds even the most unwilling of brains at bay and keeps it from getting too involved, and with that threat, the brain steps aside and allows the unsuspecting heart to become a victim to the master manipulator….. love.
 The brain of course could easily make the decision that no weapon is threatening enough to set aside it’s vigilance. It could easily choose to protect the heart. But it rarely does and most hearts helplessly succumb. Then, even worse, are the hearts that refuse to break free from a love with no more than the loosest of grips. They remain confined when they can easily walk away from binds that barely hold.  But hearts aren’t meant to be protected and they’re not meant to be held  carelessly loose.  They’re meant to be held so unbearably tight that if the grip loosens they may explode. Human hearts are meant to fall prey to the ultimate outlaw….. love.
Let your heart fall prey to love ……  make sure it’s strapped in as tightly as can be ….. experience the exhiliration that comes from racing hell bent like a maniac in love’s get away car with someone that understands it and deserves it sitting next to you…..  make that journey worth it…. because LOVE is, and always will be …. beautiful!

Katerina Cavanagh, C.V.T.

Certified Veterinary Technician
Client Care Coordinator
Central Hospital For Veterinary Medicine