Sheffield Antiques

Peek inside a new home on our beautiful Emerald Coast and you will likely find some vintage or antique furnishings.  I love the trend of mixing contemporary interiors with pieces of history.

I imagine guests walking into homes like this, commenting on a particular piece and the owners going on and on about  the provenance of their chairs from 19th century South of France, or the perfect chandelier they found that had seen generations in an estate in southern Florida.  Ahhhh….take me away!

Does this sound like you?  Then you must check out  Sheffield Antiques located at 790 N County Highway 393, Unit E, Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Dave Sheffield, owner, has been in business since 2005.  Check him out when visiting the panhandle or when you’re decorating your home!   He’s not only an antique dealer, he is the father of 2 beautiful little girls, and is a super nice guy.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting them at a photo shoot for Wendy’s eBoutique,  DS was so kind to let Colleen Duffley, our photographer, (and his friend), use some of his treasures as props and backdrops to create the perfect vignette for Wendy’s Fine Pearls + Leather Jewelry.

Thanks Dave Sheffield! Life is beautiful and so are you!

Check out some of these cool treasures….