What it Means to Join Our Tribe


In a quiet little town located off the beaten path in Santa Rosa Beach, two artists with a unique passion and a love for life set foot on a journey that would impact the lives of people throughout the country.


Have you ever wanted to feel apart of something bigger than you? To have had the feeling that no matter where you come from or what you do that thousands of other people share the same passions as you? Well that is only the tip of what it means to join our tribe.



About three years ago my family and I were in New York City, we were casually walking down 5th Avenue when this woman kept staring at me. Curious as to why she was continuing to stare at me I said “Hey, how are you?” You could tell that I caught her off guard, and she responded with “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to stare. I was just wondering if those were Wendy Pearls.” It immediately brought a smile to my face and we shared the connection then went on our way. In the eight years that I myself have been apart of the “tribe” this has happened so many times and I have made connections with such a variety of people that I began to feel apart of something that was in fact much bigger than I.


Throughout the years of working in the store I have seen first hand the impact Wendy Mignot Designs have had on the lives of others. I have seen little girls who save their money from lemonade stands and dog walking come in to purchase their designs, I have seen relationships form and traditions be made. Each and every time a design was being purchased a new love was found. When you stop and think about how special just a simple (or extravagant, in some cases) piece of jewelry can make someone feel it is incredible.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Over the years there have been many different artists that have made their own replication of the pearls and leather jewelry, but when it comes to the Wendy Mignot Designs there is no comparison. Its more than just a business, or selling the jewelry to make a quick buck. It’s about making a connection, giving someone a small piece of happiness and expanding the La Vie Est Belle family. If you take a walk around seaside you will see these pearls everywhere you turn. On seaside employees, on little girls and boys running around the amphitheater, on men and women, we have something for everyone!

If you have never had the chance to experience this, I “DARE YOU” to give it a try. You will not regret it, if you don’t take my word for it than you can ask just about anyone in seaside. It’s a love affair you will be able to treasure for the rest of your life.



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