Where Are They Now?

Over the years La Vie Est Belle has been the stepping stone for many on their lives journey.    The employees of La Vie Est Belle, like the jewelry, are all one of a kind. They bring something to the store that is beautiful and welcoming. They bridge  the gap between the customer and the jewelry, and through that bridge relationships are formed.

12439272_1081733208567268_4401088158525591557_nTo the employees La Vie Est Belle isn’t just a job, it isn’t a place that you go because you have to, and it isn’t a place that makes you feel like you don’t matter. La Vie Est Belle is a home, it is somewhere that you know that no matter how long you were gone that you are always welcome back. No questions asked. It is a building block, a place that will shape you into the person that you always wanted to be. A place where you can go if you need support. A family, people that will support you and have your back no matter what. The kind of family that thrives on being different. At La Vie Est Belle we are anything but “cookie cutter,” we accept everyone and love unconditionally. 148572_416643041742958_215075084_n

I myself have been an employee of La Vie Est Belle for many years, over those years I have had the opportunity to create friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. During this time I  began to notice something, and it started to weigh on my mind. Customers are always curious as to “what happened” to that one special person that sold them their first or their most treasured piece of jewelry.


“The journey of a thousand miles began with one step”


Well for those of you who have been asking, your wait is over. I am going to reach out to past La Vie Est Belle employees and find out just “Where Are They Now?” This is going to be an ongoing blog that will reach into the lives of those special employees that have helped to develop La Vie Est Belle into the business that we all know and love. I ask that you join me on this stroll down memory lane, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Much Love,

Blakney B

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