Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2017❤️


Wendy’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Who needs a guy! I’ve got a “Pearl Crush”!

Fall in love with Wendy Mignot Fine Pearls + Leather Jewelry this Valentine’s Day and stand out. You definitely won’t find these in the mall! Each piece is handcrafted by the designer and made in the USA. With over 250 different necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings to choose from there’s something sure to fill that Crush!

If you are new to the Mignot Tribe here are a few tips from Wendy Mignot, the artist, to keep in mind when selecting the perfect Wendy Pearls piece.

She says there are 3 ways of looking at this:

Your size, your style, and of course your budget based on your relationship.

Your size: 

Wendy Mignot offers sizes from 14″ chokers to very long strands of pearls. Go with what looks best on you. Taller girls can really rock some of the longer pearls and you petite girls can make a single pearl stand out like a star all on its own! Check out the “Illusion” necklace.


Your Style:

Are you conservative or do you have a gypsy spirit, if you’re like most you’re somewhere in the middle.

The all Around the world, our take on a classic strand of pearls is perfect for the office.

The Mosey, Synergy, or any of the “Rain” pieces are a great go-to piece for dinner and drinks.

The single, three and five pearl designs are easily worn every day for going to your kids games, and all the things that busy moms do.


For the Boho girl, the “One Eye Love” Collection is inspirational and the “Gypsy” Collection with its mix of gems and pearls is artsy and unique.


Your Budget and Relationship: 

Your personal relationship and the extent of your crush should determine your Valentine’s Day budget. From our Coastal collection with pieces starting at $75 to our Society Collection with the rarest of South Sea and Tahitian pearls, saying how much you mean is easy.


Artists Choice: 

Wendy has designed several “Versatile” pieces, the “Wendy Signature” design as well as the “Versatile 4, 6 or 8 Pearl” necklace can be worn multiple ways which make them great pieces to begin your pearl+ leather collection and satisfy that Pearl Crush.


Jewelry Size:

Always be sure to check what size you are. for a necklace or bracelet (just measure your favorite piece of jewelry) …and remember that earrings fit everyone.

After all Pearls + Leather = True Love Forever!




YOU CAN WIN ONE OF THREE (3) $50 eGift Cards – Just enter your “Crush” in the comments!

❤️Winners announced February 14th❤️

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