8806548743_a6a352b792_z My home and work studio in  Santa Rosa Beach, FL , has been undergoing a remodeling project, run by by husband, since January.  Anyone who has taken this on will know what I mean when I say, it is a challenge.

So, now, with only days away from moving back home, I am thinking about how beautiful and relaxing  it is going to be to display my pieces from my favorite artist, Justin Gaffrey.  I can not wait to look at the vibrant colors of his flowers and the thick paint, that looks like each petal in the poppie field is hand sculpted.


I am a collector of his work and now, so is my sister. “It’s like having a garden hanging on your wall”, Tamara says.

 Justin has been a friend of mine since we moved to the Emerald coast, and his work truly inspires me.

The Justin Gaffrey Gallery is an inspiring place to bring your family and friends on 30A. Justin is known for his vibrant florals and landscape palette knife paintings. He is a completely self-taught artist that is diligent for creating a variety of styles for all to enjoy. Enrich your week and visit the Justin Gaffrey Gallery at 21 Blue Gulf Drive, just off of Scenic Hwy. 30A in Blue Mountain Beach. The gallery is open Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM.


JustinGaffrey.com – Contemporary Art Site

JUSTIN-GAFFREY-SF24X36-2015-184gliptikimexroma5438b36602b822aa995677a00372ac049justin-gaffrey-art-04purcell-farms-018551377549_63e0d0a9bd_o Justin-Gaffrey-pink-flowers JUSTIN-GAFFREY-URMS24X36-2013-180

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